Do a stakeholder interview (and other UX treatments) to yourself

As you may imagine, I’m using WordPress for this blog. The theme I’ve chosen is Twenty 15, the latest from the Twenty Something family that come with any WordPress installation.

Twenty 15 pretty great, to be honest, but I’d like to create something truly mine. I’ve been creating websites for clients in WordPress for years in the past, after all, so shouldn’t I create my own custom theme, all responsive and shiny, with a nice looking logo that reflects my ‘personal branding’ (as recruiters put it)?


Like many UX practitioners these days, I generally bore everyone* to death with the usual rosary of ‘Stakeholders Interview-User Research-Personas-User Journeys-Sketches-Prototype-User Testing-Do it again a few times’ and so on.

I believe it’s about time I bore myself to death as well (just joking, of course, I love doing all these things).

Here’s what’s going to happen. I am about to create my own portfolio and I will treat it as a normal UX project for a client. A little Multiple Personality Disorder will come in handy, as I will act both as a product owner and designer, interviewing myself and designing things for myself that I will then present to – guess who? – myself.

I think it may be interesting to document the whole process and share it here with the world. I’d love to hear comments from the world, as well.









* By ‘everyone’ I usually mean apprentices assigned to my team. I have the privilege to work with bright, young minds who never heard of these concepts before. After having received a few blank stares from their wrinkles-free faces, I now have perfected the combination of words that entertain them and let them memorise things otherwise obscure.

I use the exact same words with clients, and they love it.